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Image file transfer to server: FTP mode

The WFT-E2/E2A/E3/E3A/E4/E4A makes workflow smooth and efficient by letting you transfer image files to a designated FTP server via wireless/wired LAN.  Such capability allows other people to check, select and immediately use the photos you've just taken, regardless of shooting location. Higher transmission speeds mean the WFT-E2/E2A/E3/E3A/E4/E4A is ideal for a wide range of fields, from commercial and news photography to commemorative shooting.

FTP Mode Highlights

· Easy network set-up through OS server.
· Automatic transfer of photos the moment they're taken, including the specific image or images you choose.
· Transfer of images viewed on screen with <SET> button.
· Transfer with caption function allows registering up to 15 captions with a maximum of 31 characters to be created and attached to an image file.
· Size and type of data, as well as recording media (CompactFlash, SD Memory card and external storage media) all may be individually selected for automatic transmission when camera is set for media-specific recording in RAW or JPEG, as well as in RAW+JPEG mode.
Image file transfer to server: FTP mode
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