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Remote control of camera: PTP mode

You remotely control your EOS DIGITAL camera via USB connection to a computer with the EOS Utility remote shooting function. The PTP mode of the WFT-E2 / E2A / E3 / E3A now enables remote camera control via wireless/wired LAN plus access to more power and options in studio sessions and fixed-camera shooting. In this mode, of course, all control functions of the EOS Utility, including the shutter, image transfer and folder monitoring, are remotely controlled.

PTP Mode Highlights

· Easy PC connection with bundled WFT Pairing Software.
· Focus, aperture and other camera functions can be set from PC while monitoring images on screen.
· Remote Live View shooting, possible for manual focusing only, enables PC control of functions from zoom out to fine focus, as well as exposure and shutter.
Remote control of camera: PTP mode
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