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FTP mode settings and automatic image transfer

Configuring communications settings in FTP mode

1. Select [Address setting] with the camera's Quick Control Dial.
2. If you choose [Disable] for DNS server setting, enter IP address. For [Auto assign], enter server name. For [Manual setting], set up IP address.
3. Set up [Port No.] usually at 0021.
4. Configure [Proxy server].
5. Configure [Login method].
6. Set [Target folder] to [Root folder] or select folder using [Select folder] menu.
7. FTP server connection is established.
Note: Settings can be stored in the camera.

Configuring automatic image file transfer in FTP mode

1. Select [Set up] in [WFT settings] menu.
2. Choose [Automatic transfer].
Video: FTP mode settings and automatic image transfer (For WFT-E2)
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